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    FAQ Updates and details for RV on Call mobile RV services. FAQ loading... What is your service area? Our primary service area is the piedmont Triangle, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and neighboring towns in Durham, Wake, Orange, Alamance, and Chatham Counties. Locations outside of this region will be considered based on availability. Are your services same day/urgent? When can I expect service? We are often available on very short notice but it depends on the nature of the service work requested and our current workload. As noted further below in this FAQ, we generate quotes for all service requests. Once quotes are accepted we will follow up with you to schedule your service appointment. We arrange specific start times for appointments, as opposed to a range of appointment times (like the cable company is known for :) While we cannot always come to your location on the same day, we do live up to our RV on Call name by committing to provide all customers with a response to their inquiry within 24 hours, seven days/week (typically same day response). If you need help please reach out via the Contact Page. Do you have a phone number or offer virtual consultations? Unfortunately we do not use our business phone number for new inquiries. The truth is we are a small company, we do not have a dedicated administrative support staff, and we find phone tag to be frustrating and inefficient for both parties. Please reach out via the Contact Page and we will respond within 24 hours. The contact page is the best way to get a detailed response quickly because it gives us the minimum amount of information we need to provide you with an accurate quote. For pre-hire communications, the main form of communication will be email. If you do hire us, our technician will be in touch via voice call or text on the day of service so that you can communicate in real time. This is why the contact form asks for your phone number. If the nature of your inquiry or service request does truly require a phone call, we are happy to do so or set up a Zoom meeting. We just ask customers to use the contact form first, to give us a complete understanding of your needs up front. Keep reading the FAQ for more information about pricing and quotes. I submitted an inquiry using the Contact Form. What should I expect next? You will receive a personalized email follow up within 24 hours. Based on the nature of your service needs, we may be able to send you a quote immediately or we may have some additional follow-up questions for you, for example to clarify the symptoms and scope of a repair situation. For repairs, depending on the apparent complexity of the issue, we may be able to resolve the issue in a single visit to your location, or, it may be necessary to do a diagnostics visit to confirm the root cause of the issue and potential solution(s) for repair or replacement. Keep reading the FAQ for more information about diagnostics visits, quotes, and rates. Do you need to perform a diagnostics visit before completing service? Can't you just fix my RV in one visit? To help reduce costs and get you back on the road sooner, RV on Call will always attempt to resolve your RV service needs in as few mobile on-site visits to your location as possible. Typically only one visit is needed for cleaning, inspections, and seasonal maintenance. However, in other circumstances it is indeed necessary to perform a diagnostics visit first. This is typical for repair-related issues as noted below. Diagnostics is performed so that we can visually inspect the issue(s) and perform the manufacturer-required diagnostic test(s). This data allows us to professionally verify a) What is wrong, b) How to fix it, c) Whether we can fix it, and d) How much it will cost. Typical RV repair services requiring a diagnostics visit Air Conditioner Water heater Furnace / Aqua Hot Refrigerator Electrical, battery, control panel, inverter / converter issues Propane issues / leaks Water pump Water leaks or low pressure Exterior or interior damage Other mechanical issues Complex installations Customizations Sometimes it is possible to diagnose RV issues remotely. This is made possible based on 1) the complexity, 2) our experience working with your type of RV and its various components, and 3) the information customers are able to provide us with regarding the service request; the symptoms involved; the timeline of events, and when the symptoms are observed, for example when connected to propane, versus house battery, versus shore power (or some combination). Also, providing us with photos or videos in advance is also very helpful, especially related to any water leaks, exterior or interior damage, or customization requests. So are diagnostics visits always necessary? Absolutely not! We can skip the diagnostics visit if the issue is a) routine, b) not related to the list of repair issues noted above, and c) we are able to collect enough information about the service needs ahead of time. Below is a list of common services where we can typically send a full quote in advance and complete service within a single visit to your location. Interior or exterior cleaning and detailing Water system sanitization Air Conditioner seasonal maintenance service Generator seasonal maintenance service Engine oil changes Lubrication of hitch, compartment doors, and jacks Roof re-sealing and exterior body re-sealing Slideout service Wheel bearing greasing Winterization Inspections Coaching and consultation Equipment installation or removal In some ways, mobile RV service is similar to a Telehealth appointment for a medical issue. Sometimes it is possible for a doctor to diagnose a medical condition and prescribe the correct treatment over a telehealth Zoom appointment. But sometimes the symptoms are so generalized - or the organs involved are so complex - that there is no substitute for physically going into the doctor’s office and receiving the necessary tests. Some RV issues and components just do not let themselves to remote diagnosis and we need to physically go to your RV first and perform physical inspections and tests. Again, whenever possible we will attempt to diagnose your issue remotely so that we can complete service in one visit and reduce costs. Given the remote nature (and limitations) of mobile RV service, does it make more sense to go to a full RV service center? Well, it is up to the customer to weigh the pros and cons. The advantage of mobile RV service is that it provides the customer with at-home convenience and faster response time. But on the other hand, customers do need to cover costs associated with rapid house calls. To their credit, a full service RV center typically stocks more parts on hand and may have more specialized equipment to handle very large/complex jobs like slide-out removal or major post-accident fabrication and body work. RV on Call is a small mobile company, and while we are skilled in performing highly technical RV repairs, we are not able to travel with an inventory of parts for all repair situations. But the reality is that most complex RV repairs frequently require specialized parts sourced directly from an RV parts supplier, and typically the needed part(s) cannot be identified until diagnostics is complete. Repairs for RV electrical, plumbing, propane, and mechanical systems are not like simple car repairs where a technician can swap a bad part with a universal/generic part. RV parts are often highly specialized based on the equipment’s make, model, manufacturer, and production date. Both mobile RV services and full RV service centers often need to procure replacement parts on-demand. RV on Call maintains commercial RV accounts with eight specialized RV suppliers. We are able to source parts and supplies at wholesale prices and our suppliers have very large inventories with multiple warehouses around the country, often allowing for next-day shipping. We rarely have situations where we cannot obtain the right part quickly - at a competitive price. Then there's the turnaround times. The "Repair Event Life Cycle" is known as the critical RECT metric in the RV industry, and RECT has been one of the most significant sources of customer pain and industry focus in recent years. For full RV service service centers, the RECT averaged 34 days in 2021, with that time doubling in warranty situations. And this data is only calculated after the customer has dropped off the unit and service work has begun, which can often be days or weeks from when the customer first places a call. Another challenge with full RV service service centers is that communication between various parties can be spotty, and the widespread use of standardized 'shop rates' means the amount you are charged for parts and labor is often mis-aligned with the customer's specific RV type, size, and configuration, as well as the customer’s unique service needs. This is especially true in situations where customers have performed (or wish to perform) a portion of the work themselves (which is a common situation). Yes, you read correctly: Some RV service centers will charge parts and labor rates that are greater than the actual level of effort necessary to complete the job (that's why we always prepare customized quotes, as noted further down the FAQ). You should also know that an RV service center will still charge a diagnostic fee (in addition to the actual repair work), because they also need to perform the same tests for the same reasons we do, regardless of the amount of technicians and specialized equipment they have on-hand. The only difference is you can drop your RV off to them once, whereas we might need to take two separate trips to your location. There are several worthwhile factors to consider when deciding whether to use a mobile RV service or take your rig to a full repair facility. However, the need to perform diagnostics cannot be avoided in many repair situations - regardless of which type of RV service you ultimately choose to go with. We hope this context is informative as we work with many new RVers who are using a mobile service for the first time. We aim to be as transparent as possible to ensure folks know how the mobile RV service process works, and its pros and cons. How do you charge for diagnostic visit? Does performing a diagnosis guarantee that you can resolve my RV issue? As noted in the previous FAQ entry, whether a separate diagnostics trip is needed depends on the nature of the service. If we determine that diagnostics are required, the quote will include the time we expect it will take to perform the diagnosis (and run any needed tests), as well as travel fees. To reduce costs and lag time we try and perform as much diagnosis as possible remotely in the hopes that we can avoid making multiple trips to your location. For example, we prefer customers submit service requests using the web site Contact Form so that we can collect all the pertinent information about your location, your RV, and your issue in advance. The form also allows customers to upload photos, which helps greatly helps us understand the issue in the case of repairs. After the Contact Form is provided we will follow up with you to ask any pertinent follow up questions. The more detail you can provide regarding the issue and symptoms, any products and systems involved, and your preferred corrective actions, the more likely we can complete the diagnosis remotely and come prepared to visit your location and resolve the issue in a single visit. We will always generate a quote for the expected time it will take to perform the diagnostics and associated travel charges. If we are able to fully resolve the issue in the initial diagnostics visit we will do so, and you will only be responsible for the time it took us to perform the diagnosis and complete the service work (plus the one-time travel charges). However in the event that we need to return to your location after the diagnostics visit to complete the requested service, we will 1) Invoice you for the initial diagnostics visit, and 2) Generate a new quote showing the expected labor, parts, and travel charges for the follow up visit and hope that you will hire us again. If you do choose to hire us again for the follow up service work, we will invoice you for the second visit after that work is performed. Additional notes regarding diagnostics and payment: Any diagnostics performed are an assessment of current conditions, and not a commitment for RV on Call to render future service. The customer is responsible for paying for diagnostics time and associated travel costs, even if the issue cannot be resolved, is outside of the capacity of RV on Call, or if the customer does not wish to hire RV on Call again for subsequent follow up work. In some circumstances (for example complex repairs, installations, or customizations) we may accept a job but then realize we cannot complete the work after we arrive at your location. This is rare, but it can occur if we discover the issue is more complex than initially understood and beyond our capacity to resolve in a mobile setting (i.e. the work may require specialized tools or equipment typically found in a full RV service center). If this occurs we will stop work immediately and advise you of the situation. You will only be responsible for paying the actual labor time spent on the job up until the discovery was made, as well as mileage, travel time, and sales tax. Similarly, there may be some situations where we can continue the work, but after work has begun we realize it will require more time than initially thought based on new information discovered on site. Customers will be notified if service charges are expected to exceed 10% of the initial quote. In these instances we will estimate how much additional time it will take to complete the job and ask customers to authorize continued work. We will obtain customer consent if, during the course of service work, RV on Call determines the actual level of effort necessary to complete service is projected to exceed the initial accepted quote by more than $150. Do you generate a quote in advance? Will I be invoiced after service is complete, and how do I pay? A quote will be generated in advance for all services. Payment shall be made within three days of receipt. If payment is not received on time a new invoice will be issued with an additional 10% late fee. RV on Call's quotes and invoices include costs for parts, labor, mileage, and travel time, and are inclusive of any separate transaction fees charged by payment services. More information is available via RV on Call's terms and conditions. RV on Call's web platform uses the highest level of financial and data security and encryption. is RV on Call's web hosting service and all payments via the platform are PCI, ISO, and TLS compliant, incorporating the highest levels of cardholder data protection, network security, and financial encryption. Visit our payments page for more information. Payment to RV on Call is made through Wix secure online payment (a link to the actual payment screen is included with the final invoice), or Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle. Paypal: Venmo: @RVonCall Zelle: I don't see prices for your services. Do you have a list of standard pricing? We don't, and the reason is simple: When it comes to RVs, do not believe anyone who tells you one pricing size fits all. RVs are enormously varied and complex, from towable to motorized, 18-footer, to 40+ feet. Even the same make and model can have up to have up to half a dozen different floor plans which then have a different array of components and appliances. To use a familiar analogy, an RV is like a home on wheels, and typically a service provider for your home will generate a quote for you based on your specific service needs and your home's actual layout - the same should be true for RV service. The bottom line: Pricing varies even for routine jobs like cleaning and preventative maintenance depending on the type of RV (towable or motorized), the size, and the floor plan (i.e. layout). This is because the RV's type, size, and floorplan influences the number and configuration of systems (one or multiple slideouts or AC units), appliances (some units have washer/dryers, water filters, or external kitchens) and their size/complexity (standard water heater/furnace vs Aqua Hot). These variables all have an impact on how RV services are performed and time it takes to complete the job. In addition, some customers like to perform some of the work themselves, or would like us to teach them how to perform the service. This can also also impact the time it takes to complete a task (in either direction). So our solution is to provide customized written quotes for each customer based on their specific service needs and their specific RV make, model, and length. This is why we try to collect as much information as possible up front about the RV and the scope of work. We encourage customers to use our contact form which gives us insights about your RV and allows you to submit photos. Furthermore, if we are not familiar with a particular make, model, floorplan, or component, we will often research the unit in advance. This might mean calling the manufacturer or another service provider, or reviewing online documentation. We have yet to find an RV where there isn't some form of documentation available to give us insights into your issue. This data collection and quote-generation process takes more work for us on the front-end, but we believe it is the best way for a small mobile company to deliver service, and doing so benefits both parties equally. In summary, we generate customized quotes to ensure we understand exactly what service(s) you want, how your unit is laid out, and the systems involved. We do this so that 1) we can complete the work in as few trips to your location as possible (thereby reducing costs), and 2) to ensure your quote is the best possible reflection of overall costs - including any required parts and supplies; mileage/travel time; and the actual level of effort we think it takes to complete your task(s) based on our experience. Because we take such great care to provide accurate quotes, over 90% of our invoices are within 10% of the original quoted amount, giving you a very high level of predictability in terms of pricing. In some circumstances a job may take longer than expected to complete due to unforeseen issues discovered after we have begun to dig into the work. This mainly happens in complex repair, installation, or customization situations, and if we determine the work will exceed 10% of original quoted cost to continue we will get your authorization first. But again, these instances are rare because if we determine (based on your input and preliminary research) that a situation is potentially complex we will perform a diagnostics visit first so that we correctly identify all underlying issues and solutions. Please browse our services and contact us today and we would be happy to provide a quote for your next RV service need! What are your hourly rates? Do you charge an additional service/travel fee to come to my location? RV on Call's quotes and invoices include the following costs: Labor at $120/hour; Parts and supplies as applicable; Mileage (based on the current year standard IRS mileage rate); Travel time ($60/hour); and NC sales tax. As noted below, we are required to charge sales tax according to the NC Dept of Revenue. The sales tax rate for Durham County is 7.5%. Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services; and Other Repair Information The sales price of or the gross receipts derived from repair, maintenance, and installation services sold at retail is subject to the general State and applicable local and transit rates of sales and use tax. Repair, maintenance, and installation services is defined in N.C. Gen. Stat. § 105-164.3 and are sourced in accordance with the sourcing principles set forth in N.C. Gen. Stat. § 105-164.4B. How do you calculate mileage and travel time? Why are they separate? Our service fee is based on mileage and travel time. They are separate because the cost of running a vehicle and the time spent traveling to a job are two separate calculations. More detail on these calculations and route selection is below. Mileage Costs Mileage accounts for wear and tear and the overall cost of maintaining a vehicle. The IRS currently sets a standard mileage rate of 65 cents/mile. This is based on a formula that determines the overall cost of owning a car in a given year. Travel Costs While mileage accounts for vehicle maintenance, it does not account for time spent traveling to and from jobs, and distance is not always a reliable gauge of time. As a mobile business, RV on Call provides a premium service by working at your location and so we do need to recover the costs of vehicle maintenance and the time it takes to reach a customer's destination. Route Selection In the Triangle region the saying goes, "There's at least three ways to get anywhere." In terms of choosing a route to your location, we will always select the fastest option in terms of time. RV on Call will select the route that Google Maps determines to be fastest at the time the quote is issued. If routes are within five minutes we will go with the one that likely has less stop-and-go traffic. The estimated travel time to and from the job site - as calculated by Google Maps - will be included in the quote and shown separately from the vehicle mileage rate. Lastly, we know that factors like traffic on the actual day of travel are outside our customer's control. We will not invoice for an increase in travel time due to heavy traffic or other unexpected road delays on the day of travel. What should I expect on the day of service? I have specific instructions I want to pass along before work occurs. We will be in communication after a booking is made so that you know what to expect on the service day, ensure your rig is accessible, and capture any other details you want us to know in advance. Are you a parts supplier? Can you get wholesale rates? Yes, we have commercial RV repair accounts with eight specialized RV suppliers. We are able to source parts and supplies at wholesale prices and our suppliers have very large inventories with multiple warehouses around the country, often allowing for next-day shipping. We rarely have situations where we cannot obtain the right part quickly - at a competitive price. Do you come to my location? What if my rig is in storage? Yes we come to your location. We can perform some services if your unit is in storage, provided it is accessible. This will be addressed in the booking form for each service type and confirmed in email follow up after the quote is confirmed. Who is RV on Call? What does this business do? RV on Call is a mobile RV services provider and e-learning platform. Our service area is Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We will be adding a services page, blog, and forum to the site menu which will give more detail and additional resources for RVers. RV on Call is a part-time business owned by Pete Sullivan, based in Durham, North Carolina. Learn more about Pete and the RV on Call approach and philosophy. Questions? Please reach out via the Contact Page and we will respond within 24 hours. I need something that does not fall into one of the service types shown. Can you help me out? Let's talk. Please reach out via the Contact Page, Is your work guaranteed? RV on Call takes pride in customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied within six weeks of service please call and reason we will make it right. Additional charges for parts, labor, travel, or mileage will be determined on a case by case basis. Customers and site users should know that RVing is an inherently dangerous activity and RV on Call is not liable for personal injury, property damage, or financial loss. This is further described in our Disclaimer. What are your terms of service? RV on Call's Terms of Service addresses rates and payment, ownership rights, indemnification and liability, and our satisfaction guarantee and can be found on the following page: What are your privacy policies? RV on Call takes your privacy seriously and will not share information with third parties without your consent. Our privacy policies can be found here: Can I contact you after work is performed if I have questions? Services are deemed complete upon payment of invoice. However RV on Call will provide - at no additional cost to the customer - up to three additional 30 minute consultations remotely (either by text; email; phone; or virtual meeting) for a period of six months after work is performed, as needed for any instruction, follow-up, or technical support. Your web site has a log in button. What is this? RV on Call site members get access to discounts, RV resources and tips, local camping and services, our private forum, and can post RVs for sale. See Membership Benefits for more and sign up today, registration is free! What type of roof sealant do you use? RV on Call has received training on roof sealant products and methods and recommends the use of SikaFlex 715. Sika has been in business for over 100 years and specializes in products for residential, commercial, automotive, and RV, including roofing, waterproofing, adhesives and sealants. SikaFlex is recommended by both the National RV Training Academy and the National RV Technicians Association of America as a preferred solution for RV roof sealing. SikaFlex is semi self-leveling, meaning it will provide smooth dispensing and even surface coverage without running and creating low spots, which can occur with other popular self-leveling sealants. Another advantage is it is a low solvent compound. Most of the popular sealants are high in solvents, causing the product to evaporate over time and needing re-application. Sika does not need maintenance, it can be painted, and will stay flexible to avoid cracking in heat and cold. It has very good UV resistance and low VOC content for personal and environmental safety. One application of SikaFlex 715 is is guaranteed for the life of your RV's roof. For cleaning, a detergent-based or solvent base cleaner should be avoided because they can cause gassing and degrade the product. More information about SikaFlex Can I see a list and description of all of your preventative maintenance services? Air Conditioner service Battery and electrical system testing Exterior seals conditioning Generator service Lubrication of hitch, compartment doors, and jacks Roof re-coating, patching, and re-sealing Exterior RV body re-sealing Roof re-sealing Slideout service Water system sanitization Wheel bearing greasing Winterization Do you offer seasonal preventative maintenance packages? Pre-season De-winterization and Tune-up De-winterization Wash and wax Wheel bearing repacking Generator service Air conditioner service Battery and electrical system testing Lubrication of hitch, compartment doors, and jacks Mid-season Boost Wash and wax Water system sanitization Slideout service End of Season Winterization and Storage Winterization Wash and wax Water heater flush and sanitization Roof re-sealing Exterior seals conditioning Can I see a complete list of all of your service types? (MOVE THIS TO GENERAL) Put this in general as a master list with the 12 headings Also include it as a link in the template boiler text for individual service pages Add to Booking page somewhere Add to FAQ header Then for each category have a list by category For cleaning services, what parts of my RV will be cleaned? How do I learn more about what is included within each cleaning service menu item? We will offer several interior and exterior cleaning packages, as well as wax and detailing. We will soon publish a services page that provides an overview of all service categories. On our booking page we will include galleries and a complete list of cleaning work performed. How are cleaning fees calculated? All cleaning fee prices are based on an RV length of less than 30 feet. We add 20% to the service cost for rigs over 30 feet Can I get my RV's interior and exterior cleaned on the same day? At this time we are only able to accommodate one cleaining service booking per day. Our capacity to deliver more per day will grow as we expand as we expand into inspections, maintenance, and education services. What type of wax do you use? RV on Call uses Chemical Guys Eco-Smart Waterless Wash and Wax, made from a carnuba compound that cleans, shines, and protects. What cleaning products do you use? Do you use a runoff apron for exterior cleaning like some mobile car washes do? For interior and exterior cleaning we primarily use vingegar and mild biodegradable soap becuase as it is effective, inexpensive, non-toxic, and safe for interior surfaces, gelcoats, fiberglass, and roof rubber. Vinegar and phosphate-free soaps are recommended as a safe and natural choice for boat, RV and car cleaning and will not harm storm drains and local waterways. Various mobile car wash services will lay down an apron under the vehicle to capture water runoff. They use harsh chemicals in their cleaning process and so it becomes necessary for them apply a runoff capture apron and haul away runoff for proper dispoal. We do not use an apron as our runoff only includes vinegar and biodegradble soap. The products we use are consistent with RV care best practices and safe for the environment. Below is a list of resources related to RV cleaning, household hazardous waste, and environmental safety. Products we use in waxing, spot cleaning and sealing dry on contact. Stormwater-friendly car wash tips City of Eugene, OR. 2020. A Boater's Guide to Less Toxic Cleaning Center for Marine Conservation, US Coast Guard Marine Environmental Protection Division. Is Vinegar Safe To Use On Fiberglass? Senior Care 2 Share. What is the best cleaner for fiberglass? Benjamin Noah, Vintage Kitchen. 12/24/21. How to Clean Fiberglass Joan Clark, Tips Bulletin. What to use to clean the top of a rubber roof travel trailer? Best Summer Life What To Clean RV Rubber Roof With – What Really Works RVing with Family How to Clean and Disinfect Your RV ToGo RV. 12/18/20. Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining the Exterior of Your RV Mark Polk, ToGo RV. 9/7/20. Your web site has a log in button. What is this? RV on Call site members get access to discounts, RV resources and tips, local camping and services, our private forum, and can post RVs for sale. See Membership Benefits for more and sign up today, registration is free!

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    News A timeline of noteworthy milestones for RV on Call. RV on Call is First Mobile RV Service in US to Receive Unity Blaze Credential March 7, 2024 In February, 2024, RV on Call became the first mobile RV service provider in the US to receive Unity Blaze certification with Black Folks Camp Too . Businesses that display the Unity Blaze campfire symbol pledge to treat everyone everywhere equally, and be welcoming to all regardless of race, age or gender. ​ Read more about it on our blog . RV on Call Voted 2023 Best Mobile RV Service in North and South Carolina January 21, 2024 RV on Call received the 2023 Southern States Business Award for Best Mobile RV Service Provider & Community in North and South Carolina. The award was issued by New World Report , a business news platform featuring stories and insights from businesses across the Americas. The Southern States Business Award was reported by RV Pro and RV News, two leading RV industry publications. ​ Read more about it on our blog . RV on Call Now Listed in Two Major Business Directories November 1, 2023 RV on Call now appears in the RV Industry Directory , a major national listing of prominent RV dealers, vendors, and service providers. The directory is published annually by RV Business , a leading RV industry publication (seen on pages 41 and 42, Certification and Inspection, and Education and Training categories) ​ In addition, RV on Call is now established with the Better Business Bureau of North Carolina and we are pursuing accreditation. RV on Call Voted 2022 Best Mobile RV Service in North Carolina October 21, 2022 RV on Call received the 2022 North Carolina Business Award for Best Mobile RV Services Company by New World Report . The annual award program honors businesses across North and South America in a variety of service sectors. The program expanded in 2022 to include the North Carolina Business Awards . RV on Call’s Best Mobile RV Service award was announced to the RV industry in an article by RV Pro October 19, 2022. RV Pro is a leading business-to-business publication for RV industry professionals featuring breaking news, interviews, emerging products and trends, and an e-newsletter. Read more about it on our blog. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ RV News Feature April 29, 2022 RV News published an exclusive story reporting the recent launch of RV on Call and our range of services. RV News is the industry's oldest business-to-business trade magazine. Read more on our blog . ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Planetizen Story March 22, 2022 Pete Sullivan has been an occasional contributor to Planetizen since 2014 . In his March 2022 post, Pete tells the story of mid-career change and how RV on Call came into existence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded in 2000, Planetizen is a public information exchange on the topics of urban planning, public policy, zoning, land development, and transportation. Today Planetizen reaches 90% of the U.S. urban planning community through news, editorial, job postings, online courses, books, and product sales. ​ ​ ​ ​ Our First Customer! April 8, 2022 A Durham resident called on March 21, 2022, requesting assistance with a broken awning arm. This blog post from April 2022 , describes the repair job and offers tips on how to how to prevent awning damage, dealing with busted awnings, and useful parts and accessories. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ RV on Call Flyer The one-pager below was our first leave-behind for RV on Call services. You may have spotted it on bulletin boards at RV parks around the Triangle in the Spring of 2022. Print size is 5"x 7". ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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    Code of Conduct Members shall promote a safe and supportive learning atmosphere. The mission of RV on Call is to build community and help new and experienced campers get more from their RV. ​ To this end, the individual users and members help make the site a great experience and help promote a supportive learning atmosphere. Site members have the ability to create posts within the Triangle RV Forum , comment on other posts, and send messages to other members. To ensure the forum and site membership is a great experience for everyone, all site members are asked to adhere to the following guidelines. ​ General This Code of Conduct is strictly enforced. Members shall promote a safe and supportive learning atmosphere. Any intimidation, harassment, or intentional violation of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and will result in a member being blocked. Members can customize their profile information. Profiles are only viewable by other members logged in to the site. User data is not shared with third parties. By using the forum all members agree and consent to RV on Call's Terms of Service , Privacy Policies , and Disclaimer. If you have questions or suggestions for improving the forum please see the FAQ or email . Thanks for being a part of this community and sharing your voice. ​ Be Supportive This is a learning community. Members are encouraged to share what they know help other members with questions. ​ Be Respectful Everyone has a right to their ideas and opinions. Treat others as you would like to be treated. ​ Stay on Topic Try to keep posts relevant to the theme of the category. If you would like to suggest new categories please email . ​ Check for Duplicate Content Someone might have already created a post similar to yours or answered your question. Use the search to see if the issue has already been addressed. ​ See something? Say Something! Forum members can use the Report button to flag spam, offensive material, or content that is otherwise inconsistent with Code of Conduct. Members can report posts, comments, and replies within the forum. ​

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  • RV on Call is First Mobile RV Service to Receive Unity Blaze Credential

    In February, 2024, RV on Call became the first mobile RV service provider in the US to receive Unity Blaze certification with Black Folks Camp Too. Businesses that display the Unity Blaze campfire symbol pledge to Invite and Welcome folks regardless of their race, age, gender or abilities. Contents About the Unity Blaze Credential Black Folks Camp Too Mission and History RV on Call's Commitment to All Customers About the Unity Blaze Credential Based in Western North Carolina, Black Folks Camp Too offers various products and services that promote inclusivity within the outdoor industry. One of its main services is the Unity Blaze Academy, a self-paced learning platform offering comprehensive courses that help businesses and their staff develop knowledge and skills around equity and inclusion. The company also maintains a related map on its website of Unity Blaze Certified Partners, where people can discover businesses and organizations that have received the Unity Blaze credential and are committed to creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The map includes 10 categories including campgrounds, manufacturers, RV dealers, and outdoor retailers. As reported in RV Pro (March 4, 2024) and RV News (March 5, 2024), RV on Call has become the first mobile RV service to join the “RV Partners” category, expanding the Unity Blaze program to a new partner within the outdoor industry. Black Folks Camp Too Mission and History The mission of Black Folks Camp Too is to change the world one campfire at a time, by inviting and welcoming more folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor industry and lifestyle. Black Folks Camp Too was founded in 2015 by Earl B. Hunter Jr. Mr. Hunter is an experienced business leader across multiple industries, and has been widely recognized for his ebullient personality, hard work ethic and non-traditional approach to building relationships and closing deals. The idea for Black Folks Camp Too came to Earl while serving as Vice President of Sales for Sylvansport, one of the world’s most innovative outdoor industry companies. In 2015 he and his son traveled and camped across the US and Canada for three months, visiting 49 campgrounds throughout 20 states and provinces. However, they only saw one other black family camping along that journey. He became inspired to break down barriers to the outdoor lifestyle and create more inclusive communities and stronger relationships, and Black Folks Camp Too was born. RV on Call's Commitment to All Customers I had the pleasure of attending one of Earl’s talks at the Raleigh RV show in 2023. He spoke very clearly to the misperceptions many people have about why people of color have lower rates of participation in the outdoors, and did so in a moving, honest, and beautiful way. Earl has an incredible ability to make a very difficult subject entertaining and enlightening. He avoids loading his approach with any finger-pointing or shaming, and instead pulls his audience in to his story, which is both personal and generational, and shared amongst many people of color. His sincere approach helps the audience remain engaged and hopefully inspires meaningful change to everyone in the outdoor industry fortunate enough to hear his message. After his talk I went to the Black Folks Camp Too booth and Earl and I spoke for about 20 minutes. While we talked I appreciated that he was not trying to give a fast sales pitch or convince me to enroll in the Unity Blaze program (his talk accomplished that). Instead, he was genuinely interested in hearing about my new business called RV on Call, and he provided some helpful words of encouragement. The North Carolina Triangle is a diverse region, and RV on Call customers come from a broad array of backgrounds and ethnicities. Moreover, learning to RV can be overwhelming, with so much to know about RV trip planning, safety and maintenance procedures, and essential vs elective products and accessories. The learning curve for new RVers can be downright intimidating. Since Day 1, the goal with RV on Call has been to reduce any barriers people may encounter with RVing and aim to create a safe and supportive learning community - one where all RVers feel invited and welcome, regardless of skill level, ethnicity, background, or political views. Certifying with Black Folks Camp Too helps reinforce this philosophy and we now display the Unity Blaze with pride. ****** Enjoy the read? There's more for you at RV on Call - join our Community! We maintain an RV discussion forum and a library of premium digital products. Members also get discounts on RV parts and supplies. Explore membership benefits and sign up today! You can also join our mailing list to receive future blog posts and service updates.

  • New Mobile RV Service Contractor and Award for RV on Call

    Our team is thrilled to share two exciting announcements: 1) We recently partnered with a second highly-skilled mobile RV service contractor in the Triangle, and 2) RV on Call was named Best Mobile RV Service Provider & Community in North and South Carolina in 2023! Contents Welcome to our Newest Mobile RV Service Contractor About Our Amazing Contractors RV on Call Receives 2023 Southern States Business Award New Listings for RV on Call Welcome to our Newest Mobile RV Service Contractor RV on Call is pleased to welcome Hayden, our newest mobile RV service contractor! Hayden is friendly and dependable, and looks forward to helping customers across Central North Carolina with a variety of RV repair and technical service needs. Hayden has over six years RV technician experience, including a role as Assistant Shop Manager at a North Carolina RV dealership. He is able to perform most RV repairs and his specialties include electrical diagnostics and plumbing. Hayden's journey into RVing began in 2016 after embarking on a four-month cross-country adventure in his own RV. This experience ignited a deep passion for RVs and travel and he is excited to help other RVers solve tricky problems and get back on the road. Hayden has lived in North Carolina for over 30 years - he currently lives in Pittsboro with his wife and yellow lab. With Hayden's unique skillset and Chatham County location, RV on Call continues to expand its service capacity and offer more competitive pricing for customers west of Wake County. Technician Mike Stilley is still with us and primarily serving customers east of Wake County. About Our Amazing Contractors RV on Call's passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated contractors are rigorously vetted. This includes a four-step screening and evaluation process, skills test, work history confirmation, three professional reference checks, and background check through ClearChecks, a leading independent background check company that performs comprehensive reviews of local and federal criminal records and driving history. RV on Call Receives 2023 Southern States Business Award We are pleased to accounce RV on Call received the 2023 Southern States Business Award for Best Mobile RV Service Provider & Community in North and South Carolina. The award was issued by New World Report, a business news platform featuring stories and insights from businesses across the Americas. This is the second year in a row RV on Call has been recognized for outstanding service in the RV industry, and these acheivements would not be possible without the fantastic work of our contractors. We are grateful for their passion, dedication, and expertise. The Southern States Business Award was reported by RV Pro and RV News, two leading RV industry publications. New Listings for RV on Call RV on Call now appears in the RV Industry Directory, a major national listing of prominent RV dealers, vendors, and service providers. The directory is published annually by RV Business, a leading RV industry publication (seen on pages 41 and 42, Certification and Inspection, and Education and Training categories). In addition, RV on Call is now established with the Better Business Bureau of North Carolina and we are pursuing accreditation. ***** Enjoy the read? There's more for you at RV on Call - join our Community! We maintain an RV discussion forum and a library of premium digital products. Members also get discounts on RV parts and supplies. Explore membership benefits and sign up today! You can also join our mailing list to receive future blog posts and service updates.

  • 5 RV Trip Planning Tips for a Smooth and Safe Adventure

    Early Fall is approaching - that means less scorching heat and fewer crowds, and yet the weather is still great, the water is warm, and the days are long enough. In short: Let's go RVing! Try these RV trip planning tips - planning is a critical RV soft skill that will help make your trip safe and efficient and avoid bumps in the road. Contents 1. Choose Your Destination 2. Make a Plan that Fits Your Budget 3. Plan an RV-Friendly Route 4. Follow the 2-2-2-2 Rule 5. Be Flexible Choose Your Trip Destination The first step to creating a well-planned trip is to choose your destination well in advance. Do some research and find RV-friendly places to stay. When you’re choosing where to stay, make sure the campsite or park has the amenities you’re looking for, which may include things like clean restrooms and outdoor features you want to check out. Book your campsite in advance so that you know you have a place to stay and make note of the cancellation policy terms. Make a Plan that Fits Your Budget When you’re planning your trip, consider your budget. The RV lifestyle can add up quickly, with the costs of food, gas, campsites, and vehicle maintenance. Write out your budget for your trip, calculate how much gas money you will need, and allow some extra funds for miscellaneous expenses that come up. Plan an RV Friendly Route Once you decide on your destination, you can book your route. Plan a route that includes places where you can camp your RV, and make sure you research any low clearance restrictions for bridges and tunnels, plan your gas stops, and be aware of any steep grades that you may want to avoid. Follow the 2-2-2-2 Rule Some people refer to the 2-2-2 rule of the RV lifestyle, but we like to say the 2-2-2-2 rule and offer room to modify it to the 3-3-3-3. This rule helps you with planning your trip and means: Stop for breaks every 2 hours. Limit driving distance to 200 miles per day. Arrive at your destination by 2 pm. Stay for at least 2 days. If you have more stamina or are planning a longer trip, try following this rule with 3 - and 300 for the second point - instead of 2. Be Flexible When you’re planning your RV trip, the most important thing is to be flexible. Obstacles inevitably arise, and having a positive attitude and being flexible will help you and your family roll with the challenges and enjoy your trip more. Planning your RV trip will help you make the most of your experience. You’ll be able to see and do the things you want while sticking to your budget and avoiding common pitfalls that can arise. Of course, some roadblocks inevitably come up with any RV trip, and staying flexible and planning ahead will allow you to still enjoy your adventure. Enjoy the read? There's more for you at RV on Call - join our Community! We maintain an RV discussion forum and a library of premium digital products. Members also get discounts on RV parts and supplies. Explore membership benefits and sign up today! You can also join our mailing list to receive future blog posts and service updates. Please note, all blog posts are subject to RV on Call's Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policies.

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