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  • Contact | RV on Call

    Contact Us Hello. We'd love to hear from you. Physical Location RV on Call is based in Durham, North Carolina. Phone Number We do have a phone and are happy to call and text as needed! However we do not list our phone number as an initial point of contact because we are a small business and do not have a dedicated staff person to answer phones. Please use our contact form below, which helps ensure we have enough information about you, your RV's location, your anticipated timing, the make/model of RV, and the nature of your service request. From there we will be able to communicate with you further and provide a written quote. Google Business Profile Did we make your day? Leave a review on RV on Call's Google Business Profile . ConTact/Quote Form Please provide photos, especially for repairs. This helps us know which part(s) to pre-order and increases the likelihood that we can resolve your issue in a single visit. RV type Class A Class B Class C Fifth wheel Travel trailer Pop up Truck camper Undetermined/Don't know/NA Which NC county is the service address above located in? Desired timing for service I'm flexible on timing Earliest convenience Urgent What service(s) do you need? Repair, Installation or Modification Routine Maintenance / Seasonal Upkeep Inspection Cleaning / Detailing Consultation or Demonstration Other / NA / Not sure Which component(s) need attention? Air Conditioner Water Heater Furnace Refrigerator Slideout Electrical Plumbing Propane Awning Damage repair New equipment installation Modification / renovation Other Does your service request require new parts? No Yes I don't know If new part(s) are needed, will you supply them or do you want RV on Call to supply them? I will supply the part(s) You supply the part(s) Both. I will supply some parts and you supply others. Depends / Not sure yet N/A Is the RV parked within 50 feet of a power outlet? Yes No Don't know N/A Is the RV parked within 50 feet of a water spigot? Yes No Don't know N/A Upload photo of the issue(s) needing attention. Max 15MB per file Upload Photo 1 Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Upload Photo 2 Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Upload Photo 3 Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Check this box to confirm you have uploaded photos showing the issue(s) needing attention. Photos are required for repairs, installations, or modifications so that we can quickly provide you with a quote. Also include a photo of the manufacturer's serial tag if the issue relates to Air Conditioner, Refrigerator/Freezer, Water Heater, Furnace, or Awning. Inquiry date (automatically filled) Submit Thanks! We will follow up within 24 hours. Contact page form

  • What We Do | RV on Call

    What We Do RV on Call is a direct service provider, information platform, and community. We offer mobile RV maintenance, inspections, cleaning, and instruction in Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill, North Carolina. ​ We are also a safe and supportive learning community, including an online forum with membership benefits and tips on local services. We also maintain a blog and publicly viewable listing of RVs and gear for sale. We focus on both hard and soft skills to help folks get more from their RV. Our Services and Passion RV on Call is a direct service provider, information platform, and community. We are North Carolina’s only hybrid RV community, meaning we offer a mix of both in person (mobile) and online services. Yes, we can fix and maintain your RV, but we are not only interested in keeping RVs running - our aim is to build community and make RV life more safe, efficient, and fun. ​ Let's face it: RVs are complex. Choosing the right one, knowing how to use it, keeping up with maintenance, all the care and feeding. But the physical aspect is only half the playbook. ​ At RV on Call we think of the RVing as having two main components: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are about managing the rig itself; soft skills are about managing yourself, your travel companions, and the journey . ​ We believe mastering both is critical to the RV experience, but most guidance in books and online skews toward hard skills. RV on Call is not your typical mobile RV service because we focus on a mix of both. ​ We like getting our hands dirty with RV repairs and maintenance, but are also fascinate by the RV industry and lifestyle . We love discovering tips, mods, hacks and planning tools related to the RV mindset + routine + planning. These soft skills cover attitude and expectations, packing checklists and physical modifications, travel routines and route plans, campground etiquette and communication techniques. ​ We are constantly training and researching to improve our techniques and recommendations. We share what we know, amplify the contributions of others, and promote discussion. Above all, we are customer-focused and welcoming. Discover our mobile RV services , learn about our membership plans , browse the forum and engage with other RVers, or enjoy articles on the blog . More details on everything can be found in the FAQ . All RVers have a perspective worth sharing. We invite you to explore our site, join the conversation , and get more from your RV. ​ The Need for Mobile RV Services In 2020 RVs were having a moment. The COVID-19 pandemic added fuel to an already-expanding industry, and rental services like Outdoorsy and RV Share allow tentative owners chance to try before they buy. ​ According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Survey of Manufacturers , 55,014 units were sold in September 2021, an increase of 32% compared to September 2020, setting a new all-time high for the number of RVs shipped in any previous month and quarter. ​ A record number of rigs are on the road and owners can now manage units with the ease of an AirBnB. Despite its remarkable the growth (or perhaps because of it) of RV industry suffers from a languishing support sector. In his article, The State of RV Repairs (11/30/21), Marc Bennett described six reasons why it is so hard to get into an RV Repair Shop, citing supply and demand, the nature of RVs themselves (rolling earthquakes), and the shortage of RV technicians. In Episode 262 of The RV Podcast (2019), Mike and Jennifer Wendland discussed the causes and potential solutions for addressing the 21-day delay to get an RV repaired at an RV dealership or service center. And that was pre-COVID. Highly skilled RV repair technicians cannot keep up with demand. RV repair shops charge high hourly rates for premium services. So where does that leave the rest of us that just need help with routine tasks? You wouldn’t hire a contractor to maintain your yard, so why go to an RV shop for general upkeep? ​ RVing is fun, but let’s face it: a house on wheels requires constant attention, and moving thousands of pounds of weight down the highway is serious business. The joy of RVing is the journey as much as the destination. Some call it a chore-cation, but RVers know that the more love you give your rig the more it loves you back. ​ But life gets busy some times. Does that mean you should you still take those trips? Yes, but we shouldn't neglect our rigs. It’s almost like the RV industry needs the equivalent of a property manager. This is how RV on Call was born. Some folks might need help because they are new. Some folks might just not have the extra time to do the job. Some folks might just not want to deal with the aftermath of the trip. ​ RV on Call exists to support busy RVers juggling work and family and play time, or those who are frequently renting their units to others and don't have time to handle the clean-up and turnover themselves. Whether it's fixing your RV or teaching you how to use it, we are here to help you get more from your RV. Voted Best Mobile RV Service in North Carolina RV on Call received the 2022 North Carolina Business Award for Best Mobile RV Services Company by New World Report and was featured in the RV Pro trade journal . ​ Read more about it on our blog . In addition to direct services, RV on Call is a safe and supportive learning community, including an online forum with membership benefits and tips on local services. We also maintain a blog and publicly viewable listing of RVs and gear for sale. We focus on both hard and soft skills to help folks get more from their RV. ​ Join the RV on Call Community Join our free Triangle RV online community via link below. There’s an RV discussion forum and members get access to useful RV resources like our comprehensive RV media guide, an ever-expanding list of RV books, films, web sites, and podcasts showcasing the best of the RV world. ​ ​ ​ Join Now Service finder

  • Membership Benefits | RV on Call

    Membership Benefits Join today! The forum is free, and we also offer one-time paid membership plans a t affordable rates allowing members to access discounts, digital products, and more. What Do I Get with Membership? The mission of RV on Call is to build community and help make RV life more safe, efficient, and fun. In addition to our mobile/in-person services, we aim to create a safe and supportive local learning community through our forum and membership benefits. ​ Members get access to the forum as well as discounts, digital products, and more. There are three plan levels offering increasing benefits. Sign up is easy, we only require an email address for the free membership level and a credit card is not required. ​ ​ ​ ​ Members can do the following. ​ Explore the Forum . The forum is a place to share RV tips and local services and also list RVs and accessories for sale by owner. New and experienced RVers will find the forum packed with useful insights and tips on Triangle-area services like local dealers, suppliers, and campgrounds. The forum is private to ensure safety and data security and encourage engagement from all skills levels (more about your Privacy, Safety, and Security ). Engage with Local RVers . Access the member list and chat privately with others in your local RV community. Members can subscribe (aka follow) to categories, posts, or other members to stay in the loop on important topics or questions. Personal profiles can be customized based on information members wish to share. Profiles are not visible to non-members/public. Access an Expanding Menu of Digital Products . A digital product is an informational web page only viewable to members, with paid plan members getting access to a wider range of offerings. Topics include RV resources, how-to articles, and lists of local RV services. Paid members get access to new additions as they become available. Post an Item for Sale . A paid plan allows members to post classified ads within the For Sale by Owner area. Postings are viewable publicly and have a unique URL link, allowing members to share and promote ads on social media or elsewhere. Members can choose to add their contact information to a listing or require respondents to log in with a free plan and use the private messaging tool. Receive Discounts on RV Parts . Free and paid plan members get exclusive access to discounts. Our Parts and Supplies discount page provides information about RV on Call wholesale partnerships with six online retailers that have some of the largest inventories of parts, accessories, and supplies, as well as outstanding web sites and customer service. How to Join Go to Membership Plans. Choose your plan level (you can upgrade later). ​ Level 1: Thinking About an RV | $7 Level 2: Along for the Ride | $15 Level 3: Leading the Trip | $30 Click purchase. Create an account (or log in). After creating an account please verify your email. Complete your paid plan purchase once logged in. ​ Plan Pricing As noted above there are three plan levels. Level 1 allows access to the forum and Triangle Service Finder. Levels 2 and 3 provide the same benefits as Level 1 as well as increasing access to digital products and discounts and the ability to post items for sale by owner. ​ ​ ​ ​ What Makes Our Forum Unique? RVers have many options when it comes to online community. We believe our forum has unique advantages because we are convenient, affordable, locally-focused and safe. ​ Easy Sign-up without Credit Card | No Third Party Apps Start posting in less than 3 minutes. With our free plan option we only ask for your name and email address to sign up - no credit card required. You do not need to register with a separate third party service or social media account. ​ Free to Join | No Recurring Fees | No Broker Costs Paid membership plans are a one-time fee, no monthly or annual credit card charges will be made. The cost to post a classified add is a small fraction of fees charged by larger online advertisement services. ​ In addition, a direct classified ad avoids the hassle of a middle consignment. RV on Call would not act as a broker, seek commission from a sale, or otherwise become involved in a transaction. Members can answer inquiries directly from potential buyers directly. ​ Triangle-focused | Mobile-Friendly Our platform is local, allowing members to connect with other Triangle-area RVers and get local insights on camping and services. In addition, classified ads are more likely to reach other potential buyers in the Triangle. Our forum is also built for mobile and searchable. Posts are media-rich and can include text, images, video, GIFs and emojis. Each post is assigned to a unique URL and links to classified ads can be shared externally. ​ Supportive and Safe We believe our member forum is a safer, more supportive, and more secure online community. Unlike other open classified marketplaces, only members can post, reducing the likelihood of solicitations and scams. In addition, because members are seen by other members and the forum is solely focused on RVs, we believe our community attracts a more supportive and trusting user base, as opposed to anonymous forums or social media groups that can attract superior attitudes and trolls. ​ And because we are not tied to third party apps or social media services there is no need to worry about your data harvesting or unwanted access to sensitive information. ​ The forum is actively moderated and members are subject to RV on Call's Code of Conduct , Terms of Service , Privacy Policies , and Disclaimer . Any member intentionally violating conduct policies will be blocked. Members may also report posts, comments, and replies that are offensive or inappropriate. ​ ​ Join Now Join Now Privacy, safety, and security

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  • RV on Call is First Mobile RV Service to Receive Unity Blaze Credential

    In February, 2024, RV on Call became the first mobile RV service provider in the US to receive Unity Blaze certification with Black Folks Camp Too. Businesses that display the Unity Blaze campfire symbol pledge to Invite and Welcome folks regardless of their race, age, gender or abilities. Contents About the Unity Blaze Credential Black Folks Camp Too Mission and History RV on Call's Commitment to All Customers About the Unity Blaze Credential Based in Western North Carolina, Black Folks Camp Too offers various products and services that promote inclusivity within the outdoor industry. One of its main services is the Unity Blaze Academy, a self-paced learning platform offering comprehensive courses that help businesses and their staff develop knowledge and skills around equity and inclusion. The company also maintains a related map on its website of Unity Blaze Certified Partners, where people can discover businesses and organizations that have received the Unity Blaze credential and are committed to creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The map includes 10 categories including campgrounds, manufacturers, RV dealers, and outdoor retailers. As reported in RV Pro (March 4, 2024) and RV News (March 5, 2024), RV on Call has become the first mobile RV service to join the “RV Partners” category, expanding the Unity Blaze program to a new partner within the outdoor industry. Black Folks Camp Too Mission and History The mission of Black Folks Camp Too is to change the world one campfire at a time, by inviting and welcoming more folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor industry and lifestyle. Black Folks Camp Too was founded in 2015 by Earl B. Hunter Jr. Mr. Hunter is an experienced business leader across multiple industries, and has been widely recognized for his ebullient personality, hard work ethic and non-traditional approach to building relationships and closing deals. The idea for Black Folks Camp Too came to Earl while serving as Vice President of Sales for Sylvansport, one of the world’s most innovative outdoor industry companies. In 2015 he and his son traveled and camped across the US and Canada for three months, visiting 49 campgrounds throughout 20 states and provinces. However, they only saw one other black family camping along that journey. He became inspired to break down barriers to the outdoor lifestyle and create more inclusive communities and stronger relationships, and Black Folks Camp Too was born. RV on Call's Commitment to All Customers I had the pleasure of attending one of Earl’s talks at the Raleigh RV show in 2023. He spoke very clearly to the misperceptions many people have about why people of color have lower rates of participation in the outdoors, and did so in a moving, honest, and beautiful way. Earl has an incredible ability to make a very difficult subject entertaining and enlightening. He avoids loading his approach with any finger-pointing or shaming, and instead pulls his audience in to his story, which is both personal and generational, and shared amongst many people of color. His sincere approach helps the audience remain engaged and hopefully inspires meaningful change to everyone in the outdoor industry fortunate enough to hear his message. After his talk I went to the Black Folks Camp Too booth and Earl and I spoke for about 20 minutes. While we talked I appreciated that he was not trying to give a fast sales pitch or convince me to enroll in the Unity Blaze program (his talk accomplished that). Instead, he was genuinely interested in hearing about my new business called RV on Call, and he provided some helpful words of encouragement. The North Carolina Triangle is a diverse region, and RV on Call customers come from a broad array of backgrounds and ethnicities. Moreover, learning to RV can be overwhelming, with so much to know about RV trip planning, safety and maintenance procedures, and essential vs elective products and accessories. The learning curve for new RVers can be downright intimidating. Since Day 1, the goal with RV on Call has been to reduce any barriers people may encounter with RVing and aim to create a safe and supportive learning community - one where all RVers feel invited and welcome, regardless of skill level, ethnicity, background, or political views. Certifying with Black Folks Camp Too helps reinforce this philosophy and we now display the Unity Blaze with pride. ****** Enjoy the read? There's more for you at RV on Call - join our Community! We maintain an RV discussion forum and a library of premium digital products. Members also get discounts on RV parts and supplies. Explore membership benefits and sign up today! You can also join our mailing list to receive future blog posts and service updates.

  • New Mobile RV Service Contractor and Award for RV on Call

    Our team is thrilled to share two exciting announcements: 1) We recently partnered with a second highly-skilled mobile RV service contractor in the Triangle, and 2) RV on Call was named Best Mobile RV Service Provider & Community in North and South Carolina in 2023! Contents Welcome to our Newest Mobile RV Service Contractor About Our Amazing Contractors RV on Call Receives 2023 Southern States Business Award New Listings for RV on Call Welcome to our Newest Mobile RV Service Contractor RV on Call is pleased to welcome Hayden, our newest mobile RV service contractor! Hayden is friendly and dependable, and looks forward to helping customers across Central North Carolina with a variety of RV repair and technical service needs. Hayden has over six years RV technician experience, including a role as Assistant Shop Manager at a North Carolina RV dealership. He is able to perform most RV repairs and his specialties include electrical diagnostics and plumbing. Hayden's journey into RVing began in 2016 after embarking on a four-month cross-country adventure in his own RV. This experience ignited a deep passion for RVs and travel and he is excited to help other RVers solve tricky problems and get back on the road. Hayden has lived in North Carolina for over 30 years - he currently lives in Pittsboro with his wife and yellow lab. With Hayden's unique skillset and Chatham County location, RV on Call continues to expand its service capacity and offer more competitive pricing for customers west of Wake County. Technician Mike Stilley is still with us and primarily serving customers east of Wake County. About Our Amazing Contractors RV on Call's passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated contractors are rigorously vetted. This includes a four-step screening and evaluation process, skills test, work history confirmation, three professional reference checks, and background check through ClearChecks, a leading independent background check company that performs comprehensive reviews of local and federal criminal records and driving history. RV on Call Receives 2023 Southern States Business Award We are pleased to accounce RV on Call received the 2023 Southern States Business Award for Best Mobile RV Service Provider & Community in North and South Carolina. The award was issued by New World Report, a business news platform featuring stories and insights from businesses across the Americas. This is the second year in a row RV on Call has been recognized for outstanding service in the RV industry, and these acheivements would not be possible without the fantastic work of our contractors. We are grateful for their passion, dedication, and expertise. The Southern States Business Award was reported by RV Pro and RV News, two leading RV industry publications. New Listings for RV on Call RV on Call now appears in the RV Industry Directory, a major national listing of prominent RV dealers, vendors, and service providers. The directory is published annually by RV Business, a leading RV industry publication (seen on pages 41 and 42, Certification and Inspection, and Education and Training categories). In addition, RV on Call is now established with the Better Business Bureau of North Carolina and we are pursuing accreditation. ***** Enjoy the read? There's more for you at RV on Call - join our Community! We maintain an RV discussion forum and a library of premium digital products. Members also get discounts on RV parts and supplies. Explore membership benefits and sign up today! You can also join our mailing list to receive future blog posts and service updates.

  • 5 RV Trip Planning Tips for a Smooth and Safe Adventure

    Early Fall is approaching - that means less scorching heat and fewer crowds, and yet the weather is still great, the water is warm, and the days are long enough. In short: Let's go RVing! Try these RV trip planning tips - planning is a critical RV soft skill that will help make your trip safe and efficient and avoid bumps in the road. Contents 1. Choose Your Destination 2. Make a Plan that Fits Your Budget 3. Plan an RV-Friendly Route 4. Follow the 2-2-2-2 Rule 5. Be Flexible Choose Your Trip Destination The first step to creating a well-planned trip is to choose your destination well in advance. Do some research and find RV-friendly places to stay. When you’re choosing where to stay, make sure the campsite or park has the amenities you’re looking for, which may include things like clean restrooms and outdoor features you want to check out. Book your campsite in advance so that you know you have a place to stay and make note of the cancellation policy terms. Make a Plan that Fits Your Budget When you’re planning your trip, consider your budget. The RV lifestyle can add up quickly, with the costs of food, gas, campsites, and vehicle maintenance. Write out your budget for your trip, calculate how much gas money you will need, and allow some extra funds for miscellaneous expenses that come up. Plan an RV Friendly Route Once you decide on your destination, you can book your route. Plan a route that includes places where you can camp your RV, and make sure you research any low clearance restrictions for bridges and tunnels, plan your gas stops, and be aware of any steep grades that you may want to avoid. Follow the 2-2-2-2 Rule Some people refer to the 2-2-2 rule of the RV lifestyle, but we like to say the 2-2-2-2 rule and offer room to modify it to the 3-3-3-3. This rule helps you with planning your trip and means: Stop for breaks every 2 hours. Limit driving distance to 200 miles per day. Arrive at your destination by 2 pm. Stay for at least 2 days. If you have more stamina or are planning a longer trip, try following this rule with 3 - and 300 for the second point - instead of 2. Be Flexible When you’re planning your RV trip, the most important thing is to be flexible. Obstacles inevitably arise, and having a positive attitude and being flexible will help you and your family roll with the challenges and enjoy your trip more. Planning your RV trip will help you make the most of your experience. You’ll be able to see and do the things you want while sticking to your budget and avoiding common pitfalls that can arise. Of course, some roadblocks inevitably come up with any RV trip, and staying flexible and planning ahead will allow you to still enjoy your adventure. Enjoy the read? There's more for you at RV on Call - join our Community! We maintain an RV discussion forum and a library of premium digital products. Members also get discounts on RV parts and supplies. Explore membership benefits and sign up today! You can also join our mailing list to receive future blog posts and service updates. Please note, all blog posts are subject to RV on Call's Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policies.

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