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RV on Call is based in Durham, North Carolina.

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Use the form below to request RV services in Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill or beyond. This information ensures we fully understand your service needs.


Please provide photos, especially for repairs. This helps us know which part(s) to pre-order and increases the likelihood that we can resolve the issue in a single visit.  

RV type
Desired timing for service
What service(s) do you need?
Which component(s) need attention?
Does your service request require new parts?
If new part(s) are needed, will you supply them or do you want RV on Call to supply them?
Is the RV parked within 50 feet of a power outlet?
Is the RV parked within 50 feet of a water spigot?

Upload photo of the issue(s) needing attention.  
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Thanks! We will follow up within 24 hours.

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