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Who We Are 

Hi my name is Pete Sullivan, owner and CEO of RV on Call. I love RVs. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others and learning as much as I can. I live in Durham, North Carolina, with my wife, son, dog, cat, rabbit, six chickens, and Irma: our 22 foot Winnebago Micro Minnie.

RV on Call services summary.

Part-time business,

full-time passion.

RVs are having a moment. The pandemic added fuel to an already-expanding industry, and rental services like Outdoorsy and RV Share allow tentative owners chance to try before they buy.

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Survey of Manufacturers, 55,014 units were sold in September 2021, an increase of 32% compared to September 2020, setting a new all-time high for the number of RVs shipped in any previous month and quarter. 

A record number of rigs are on the road and owners can now manage units with the ease of an AirBnB. 

RV growth graphic.png

Despite its remarkable the growth (or perhaps because of it) of RV industry suffers from a languishing support sector. In his article, The State of RV Repairs (11/30/21), Marc Bennett described six reasons why it is so hard to get into an RV Repair Shop, citing supply and demand, the nature of RVs themselves (rolling earthquakes), and the shortage of RV technicians. In Episode 262 of The RV Podcast (2019), Mike and Jennifer Wendland discussed the causes and potential solutions for addressing the 21-day delay to get an RV repaired at an RV dealership or service center. And that was pre-COVID.


Highly skilled RV repair technicians cannot keep up with demand. RV repair shops charge high hourly rates for premium services. So where does that leave the rest of us that just need help with routine tasks? You wouldn’t hire a contractor to maintain your yard, so why go to an RV shop for general upkeep?   

RVing is fun, but let’s face it: a house on wheels requires constant attention, and moving thousands of pounds of weight down the highway is serious business. The joy of RVing is the journey as much as the destination. Some call it a chore-cation, but RVers know that the more love you give your rig the more it loves you back. 

But life gets busy some times. Does that mean you should you still take those trips? Yes, but we shouldn't neglect our rigs. It’s almost like the RV industry needs the equivalent of a property manager. This is how RV on Call was born.  
Some folks might need help because they are new. Some folks might just not have the extra time to do the job. Some folks might just not want to deal with the aftermath of the trip. 

My business is intended to support busy RVers juggling work and family and play time, or those who are frequently renting their units to others and don't have time to handle the clean-up and turnover themselves. 

I worked for 16 years as an urban planner, and now work as an IT manager by day and on nights and weekends I maintain RV on Call. This is my part-time passion project. I love everything about RVs and the RV community and am constantly learning how to do it better. How can I assist in your journey? 

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