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Membership Benefits

Join today! The forum is free, and we also offer one-time paid membership plans at affordable rates allowing members to access discounts, digital products, and more.

What Do I Get with Membership?

The mission of RV on Call is to build community and help make RV life more safe, efficient, and fun. In addition to our mobile/in-person services, we aim to create a safe and supportive local learning community through our forum and membership benefits.

Members get access to the forum as well as discounts, digital products, and more. There are three plan levels offering increasing benefits. Sign up is easy, we only require an email address for the free membership level and a credit card is not required. 

Members can do the following.

  1. Explore the Forum. The forum is a place to share RV tips and local services and also list RVs and accessories for sale by owner. New and experienced RVers will find the forum packed with useful insights and tips on Triangle-area services like local dealers, suppliers, and campgrounds. The forum is private to ensure safety and data security and encourage engagement from all skills levels (more about your Privacy, Safety, and Security). 

  2. Engage with Local RVers. Access the member list and chat privately with others in your local RV community. Members can subscribe (aka follow) to categories, posts, or other members to stay in the loop on important topics or questions. Personal profiles can be customized based on information members wish to share.  Profiles are not visible to non-members/public.  

  3. Access an Expanding Menu of Digital Products. A digital product is an informational web page only viewable to members, with paid plan members getting access to a wider range of offerings. Topics include RV resources, how-to articles, and lists of local RV services. Paid members get access to new additions as they become available. 

  4. Post an Item for Sale. A paid plan allows members to post classified ads within the For Sale by Owner area. Postings are viewable publicly and have a unique URL link, allowing members to share and promote ads on social media or elsewhere. Members can choose to add their contact information to a listing or require respondents to log in with a free plan and use the private messaging tool.

  5. Receive Discounts on RV Parts. Free and paid plan members get exclusive access to discounts. Our Parts and Supplies discount page provides information about RV on Call wholesale partnerships with six online retailers that have some of the largest inventories of parts, accessories, and supplies, as well as outstanding web sites and customer service.  

How to Join

  1. Go to Membership Plans.

  2. Choose your plan level (you can upgrade later). 

    1. Level 1: Thinking About an RV | $7 

    2. Level 2: Along for the Ride | $15

    3. Level 3: Leading the Trip | $30

  3. Click purchase. 

  4. Create an account (or log in).

  5. After creating an account please verify your email.

  6. Complete your paid plan purchase once logged in.

Plan Pricing 

As noted above there are three plan levels. Level 1 allows access to the forum and Triangle Service Finder. Levels 2 and 3 provide the same benefits as Level 1 as well as increasing access to digital products and discounts and the ability to post items for sale by owner.

What Makes Our Forum Unique? 

RVers have many options when it comes to online community. We believe our forum has unique advantages because we are convenient, affordable, locally-focused and safe. 

Easy Sign-up without Credit Card | No Third Party Apps 

Start posting in less than 3 minutes. With our free plan option we only ask for your name and email address to sign up - no credit card required. You do not need to register with a separate third party service or social media account.

Free to Join | No Recurring Fees | No Broker Costs

Paid membership plans are a one-time fee, no monthly or annual credit card charges will be made. The cost to post a classified add is a small fraction of fees charged by larger online advertisement services. 

In addition, a direct classified ad avoids the hassle of a middle consignment.  RV on Call would not act as a broker, seek commission from a sale, or otherwise become involved in a transaction. Members can answer inquiries directly from potential buyers directly.  

Triangle-focused | Mobile-Friendly

Our platform is local, allowing members to connect with other Triangle-area RVers and get local insights on camping and services. In addition, classified ads are more likely to reach other potential buyers in the Triangle.


Our forum is also built for mobile and searchable. Posts are media-rich and can include text, images, video, GIFs and emojis. Each post is assigned to a unique URL and links to classified ads can be shared externally. 

Supportive and Safe

We believe our member forum is a safer, more supportive, and more secure online community. Unlike other open classified marketplaces, only members can post, reducing the likelihood of solicitations and scams. In addition, because members are seen by other members and the forum is solely focused on RVs, we believe our community attracts a more supportive and trusting user base, as opposed to anonymous forums or social media groups that can attract superior attitudes and trolls. 

And because we are not tied to third party apps or social media services there is no need to worry about your data harvesting or unwanted access to sensitive information.

The forum is actively moderated and members are subject to RV on Call's Code of ConductTerms of ServicePrivacy Policies, and Disclaimer. Any member intentionally violating conduct policies will be blocked. Members may also report posts, comments, and replies that are offensive or inappropriate. 

Privacy, safety, and security
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