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RV on Call is First Mobile RV Service to Receive Unity Blaze Credential

Updated: Mar 13

In February, 2024, RV on Call became the first mobile RV service provider in the US to receive Unity Blaze certification with Black Folks Camp Too. Businesses that display the Unity Blaze campfire symbol pledge to Invite and Welcome folks regardless of their race, age, gender or abilities. 

Graphic welcoming RV on Call as Black Folks Camp Too's newest Unity Blaze certified partner.
RV on Call is the first mobile RV service in the US to receive Unity Blaze certification.


About the Unity Blaze Credential

Based in Western North Carolina, Black Folks Camp Too offers various products and services that promote inclusivity within the outdoor industry. One of its main services is the Unity Blaze Academy, a self-paced learning platform offering comprehensive courses that help businesses and their staff develop knowledge and skills around equity and inclusion. 

The company also maintains a related map on its website of Unity Blaze Certified Partners, where people can discover businesses and organizations that have received the Unity Blaze credential and are committed to creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. 

The map includes 10 categories including campgrounds, manufacturers, RV dealers, and outdoor retailers. As reported in RV Pro (March 4, 2024) and RV News (March 5, 2024), RV on Call has become the first mobile RV service to join the “RV Partners” category, expanding the Unity Blaze program to a new partner within the outdoor industry. 

Black Folks Camp Too Mission and History

The mission of Black Folks Camp Too is to change the world one campfire at a time, by inviting and welcoming more folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor industry and lifestyle. 

Black Folks Camp Too was founded in 2015 by Earl B. Hunter Jr. Mr. Hunter is an experienced business leader across multiple industries, and has been widely recognized for his ebullient personality, hard work ethic and non-traditional approach to building relationships and closing deals. 

Photo of Earl B. Hunter Jr
Earl B. Hunter Jr., Founder, Black Folks Camp Too.

The idea for Black Folks Camp Too came to Earl while serving as Vice President of Sales for Sylvansport, one of the world’s most innovative outdoor industry companies. In 2015 he and his son traveled and camped across the US and Canada for three months, visiting 49 campgrounds throughout 20 states and provinces. However, they only saw one other black family camping along that journey. He became inspired to break down barriers to the outdoor lifestyle and create more inclusive communities and stronger relationships, and Black Folks Camp Too was born. 

RV on Call's Commitment to All Customers

I had the pleasure of attending one of Earl’s talks at the Raleigh RV show in 2023. He spoke very clearly to the misperceptions many people have about why people of color have lower rates of participation in the outdoors, and did so in a moving, honest, and beautiful way. 

Earl has an incredible ability to make a very difficult subject entertaining and enlightening. He avoids loading his approach with any finger-pointing or shaming, and instead pulls his audience in to his story, which is both personal and generational, and shared amongst many people of color. His sincere approach helps the audience remain engaged and hopefully inspires meaningful change to everyone in the outdoor industry fortunate enough to hear his message. 

After his talk I went to the Black Folks Camp Too booth and Earl and I spoke for about 20 minutes. While we talked I appreciated that he was not trying to give a fast sales pitch or convince me to enroll in the Unity Blaze program (his talk accomplished that). Instead, he was genuinely interested in hearing about my new business called RV on Call, and he provided some helpful words of encouragement.

Photo of Pete Sullivan standing at RV on Call booth at Raleigh RV trade show in 2023
RV on Call Founder Pete Sullivan was introduced to the Black Folks Camp Too Unity Blaze Program after attending a presentation at the 2023 Raleigh RV Dealer's Show given by Mr. Hunter.

The North Carolina Triangle is a diverse region, and RV on Call customers come from a broad array of backgrounds and ethnicities. Moreover, learning to RV can be overwhelming, with so much to know about RV trip planning, safety and maintenance procedures, and essential vs elective products and accessories.  

The learning curve for new RVers can be downright intimidating. 

Since Day 1, the goal with RV on Call has been to reduce any barriers people may encounter with RVing and aim to create a safe and supportive learning community - one where all RVers feel invited and welcome, regardless of skill level, ethnicity, background, or political views. Certifying with Black Folks Camp Too helps reinforce this philosophy and we now display the Unity Blaze with pride.


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