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RV on Call Featured by RV News

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

We are pleased to report that RV News ran an exclusive story featuring RV on Call on April 29, 2022. RV News is one of the RV industry's oldest business-to-business trade magazines.

RV News and RV on Call logos

The April 29, 2022 article reports on the recent launch of RV on Call, a new mobile RV services business in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill. The article talks about services offered and how we are unique, and also talks about how the central region of North Carolina is growing in terms of its economy and RV market. The article is of interest to RV News readership because it places our Durham-based RV business in the context of Raleigh-Durham's strong population and economic growth and emerging RV market.

The piece incorporates data and citations that suggests the Triangle RV market is poised to grow even more in our area.

RV News is a monthly business-to-business trade magazine and is the oldest in the RV industry, with its first issue appearing in 1975. The publication is read by business decision-makers including RV dealers, RV manufacturers, RV parts/accessories suppliers, warehouse distributors, RV retail stores and repair shops. It is a leading source for information about new vehicles, technology, industry trends, parts/accessories, new RV businesses entering the market and the people working within it.

RV News is owned by DRN Media.


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