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Routine Maintenance + Seasonal Upkeep

Customize your to-do list or select a seasonal maintenance package.


We perform mobile RV preventative maintenance for travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, pop-ups, and truck campers in Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill, North Carolina. From start-of-season wheel bearing repacking and air conditioner service; to mid-season generator tune-ups and water system sanitization; to end-of-season winterization and roof re-sealing, we are ready to help you tackle your to-do list all year long. Popular preventative maintenance services are listed below. - Air Conditioner seasonal maintenance service - Battery and electrical system testing - Exterior seals conditioning - Generator seasonal maintenance service - Oil changes - Lubrication of hitch, compartment doors, and jacks - Roof re-coating, patching, and re-sealing - Exterior RV body re-sealing - Slideout service - Water system sanitization - Wheel bearing greasing - Winterization Need multiple maintenance services? We offer the following seasonal maintenance packages for routine upkeep and seasonal checks. Click the button below today to inquire. 1. Pre-season De-winterization and Tune-up 2. Mid-season Boost 3. End of Season Winterization and Storage

Please visit our FAQ for more details on the specifics of this service type, and to learn more about working with us, such as: 

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Ready to proceed, or need help with something not listed on our site? Click the Quote button below and describe the RV service you need. We will provide a personalized follow-up within 24 hours. 

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