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5 RV Trip Planning Tips for a Smooth and Safe Adventure

Early Fall is approaching - that means less scorching heat and fewer crowds, and yet the weather is still great, the water is warm, and the days are long enough. In short: Let's go RVing! Try these RV trip planning tips - planning is a critical RV soft skill that will help make your trip safe and efficient and avoid bumps in the road.

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Choose Your Trip Destination

The first step to creating a well-planned trip is to choose your destination well in advance. Do some research and find RV-friendly places to stay. When you’re choosing where to stay, make sure the campsite or park has the amenities you’re looking for, which may include things like clean restrooms and outdoor features you want to check out. Book your campsite in advance so that you know you have a place to stay and make note of the cancellation policy terms.

Make a Plan that Fits Your Budget

When you’re planning your trip, consider your budget. The RV lifestyle can add up quickly, with the costs of food, gas, campsites, and vehicle maintenance. Write out your budget for your trip, calculate how much gas money you will need, and allow some extra funds for miscellaneous expenses that come up.

Plan an RV Friendly Route

Once you decide on your destination, you can book your route. Plan a route that includes places where you can camp your RV, and make sure you research any low clearance restrictions for bridges and tunnels, plan your gas stops, and be aware of any steep grades that you may want to avoid.

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Follow the 2-2-2-2 Rule

Some people refer to the 2-2-2 rule of the RV lifestyle, but we like to say the 2-2-2-2 rule and offer room to modify it to the 3-3-3-3. This rule helps you with planning your trip and means:

  • Stop for breaks every 2 hours.

  • Limit driving distance to 200 miles per day.

  • Arrive at your destination by 2 pm.

  • Stay for at least 2 days.

If you have more stamina or are planning a longer trip, try following this rule with 3 - and 300 for the second point - instead of 2.

Be Flexible

When you’re planning your RV trip, the most important thing is to be flexible. Obstacles inevitably arise, and having a positive attitude and being flexible will help you and your family roll with the challenges and enjoy your trip more.

Planning your RV trip will help you make the most of your experience. You’ll be able to see and do the things you want while sticking to your budget and avoiding common pitfalls that can arise. Of course, some roadblocks inevitably come up with any RV trip, and staying flexible and planning ahead will allow you to still enjoy your adventure.

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