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RV on Call's First Customer Seeks Help With Awning Repair

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Our first customer! A Durham resident called on March 21, 2022, requesting assistance with a broken awning arm.

Person standing outside holding two pieces of metal.
Twisted metal: The elbow connector was no match for a strong gust of wind.

This customer experienced an unfortunate-but-familiar event: awning damage due to wind. Awnings are very useful and convenient, but they act like a sail when the wind picks up. The vinyl fabric, support arms, or the sidewall-mounted tracks can easily tear, bend or break when wind comes at the right angle and speed.

The best prevention is to retract your awning when it becomes gusty, overnight, if there is forecasted wind or storms, or when you leave your rig unattended for long stretches. Constantly moving your awning and monitoring for wind can be inconvenient - especially if you are using it awning as a rain shelter - but better to suffer the inconvenience of wet gear than broken equipment.

Fortunately we were able to find a purchase a replacement awning arm for our customer at a discounted rate and help them with the installation.

Tools and hardware spread out on a ground cloth.
RV on Call was able to procure the awning replacement arm through Lippert at a discounted rate.

What can be done if you run into awning trouble while camping? Camper Report published a helpful article on what to do in the event of awning damage.

One question that comes up frequently is: Should I drive home with a broken awning? Short answer: No. Doing so could cause the awning to come unfurled or shear away from your rig, leading to a potential accident or further damage (for you or another motorist) on the highway. You might need tools and another person (or a mobile RV tech) to help fully remove the awning and supports, but it is the responsible thing to do and could save a life.

Need parts or want to browse awnings and accessories? Below are some suggested products and retailers. Contact us if you need an item, we may be able to handle your purchase at a discounted rate.

Camco makes an awning anchor kit that secures the front of the awning to the ground, reducing wind torque on the structural elements.


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